Saturday, June 19, 2010

That's What I Call a Binge

Last night I had dinner at a friends.  I knew I would be eating there and I could take a guess a what would be served.  I prepared during the day by eating a bit on the lighter side.  I planned on having some yummies but oh course not over doing it.  M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N

Food was - Starters - chips with fresh salad and guac.  Dinner - Sliced turkey breast, roasted potatoes, salad with ranch, rolls with butter.   Desert - warm butter cookies and ice cream.  Everything was served buffet style - a binge trigger for me.

So I - I started with a small plate of a small handful of chips with a bit of guac and salsa.  For dinner I loaded my plate with salad, ranch, cut up turkey, a tiny helping of potatoes, a roll with butter.  I barely touched the potatoes.  Then I had another roll with butter and some more salad.  Could have skipped the second roll, but wait I wasn't done I went in for a 3rd roll with butter (admittedly my weakness is a nice soft warm roll with melted butter).  That's where the binge comes in.  I didn't need 3, I should have stopped myself.

And onto desert - I started with 1 dough ball, then 2 cookies.  Ok stopping here would have been a good place.  Oh another dough ball.  Then the desert spread was put out.  I had a tiny scoop of ice cream and more cookies.  I sat in front of the cookie plate and kept shoveling.  I honestly don't know how many cookies I had.  I never got the overstuffed feeling but I did binge.  I finally stopped but then about 2 hours later, 2 more cookies.  Why.   When something is super yummy to me I don't seem to be satisfied with just one or two.  I eat to excess without thinking.  This is a perfect example of what I call a B-I-N-G-E.


  1. I know. I get you. It's almost like it's an earned reward. you finally get time away... for yourself... with friends... and then "time for yourself" includes time away from your normal nutrition routine. It's almost expected that time for yourself would include time away from your regimine. At least that's how I am. If you are going to air the bad, you also have to recognize the good. You did pace yourself in several areas. You had a great big salad, limited potatoes, turkey for protein, small amount of chips... so even if there is room for improvement, there was also room to be much worse! Celebrate successes - even the small ones! :)

  2. Absolutely. I agree with you. I just wish I could have controlled myself with the rolls and cookies.

  3. Hi there! Sounds like you started off strong! I have the same thing happen to me at times - best intentions - not so good results. It's pretty much why I lose and gain the same 10 pounds for the past year. Trying - once again to break from my cycle. Something has to click eventually doesn't it?