Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not a good day

I am going to admit right now what I ate today.  Before I give you all the gorey details, I will give the excuses.  I hate the word excuses because truly there is no good excuse for going off track with my journey.  But journey is the word here, it's not perfect, it is a jagged path of choices and consequences.  Last night I stayed up too late, went to bed without Mr. being home (poker) and slept restlessly until he got home (worry about  30+ miles drive he was making), baby woke at 4am, back down, monthly visitor came, packed in the morning (rushed, no breakfast), drove 7 plus hours (350 miles +) by myself with 6yo and baby, baby cranky from molars cutting, no exercise, tired, etc.
usual tea with milk and sugar, 5 soft pretzels *, In and Out burger, fries and real Coke, 2 hot dogs with processed cheese and white bun, sticky gooey roll.
* on the way to my parents I picked up 3 dz homemade soft pretzels for my dad, just out of the oven.  Because I failed to eat breakfast and rushed, I binged on 5 of them in the car on the way up. 

How do I feel - like sh*t.  Really.  My stomach hurts and is super super bloated.  I have a sneezey, runny nose.  I am cranky and lethargic.  I feel like I can't breathe and I have bad indigestion.  There was absolutely no nutritional value in my entire day.  I actually asked for no lettuce on my burger.  Nothing green, nothing clean.  Geeze, it sounds like a slogan for disaster.  Tomorrow I will repair the damage.  Water, exercise and clean eating.

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  1. I like the "nothing green, nothing clean" mantra. I get like that sometimes when I'm bound and determined to fail. It's like saying I'm tired, I have nothing left, and I don't HAVE to do this right now... Okay, so you did it. It's over now. I hope you get some zzzzzzz's, because sometimes that's all that's needed to solve the problems of the world. Good luck! :)