Monday, June 28, 2010

My own Nike Commercial - Just Do It!!!

I am really blessed to live is a beautiful Southern California town.  Yes, it is total Mc Houses in the burbs with a huge association but I would have it no other way.  In our town is a beautiful man made lake with a path all the way around.  The total distance around is 1.1 miles.

I ran the entire way around of 1.1 miles

Mind you I did this 45 min after a full hour of boot camp and I walked 2 laps after. I had my UPT (unofficial personal trainer with her rock hard body she earned) with me pushing my stroller and reminding me to breath and slow down when needed.  She felt like I could have done more and I probably could have but just making the mile was good for today.  More distance later.

Side note - I will post wedding pics later but I stepped on the scale and there was a 2 in front.  Scary.  I hope it is mostly water weight and Tuesday won't be too bad. 

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