Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maybe it's just in my head but ....

Sorry, a long back story to get to my point is needed.  Yesterday I went to a Tastefully Simple house party at a good friends house.  I paid for a sitter so I could enjoy myself (well worth it).  The time was filled with awesome ladies, great conversation and lots of food.  I have been solidly on the lifestyle change journey for 6 months (plus 2 years for the whole foods thing) and I have noticed one big thing about me now.  I really enjoy talking about nutrition, exercise and weight loss.  This topic came up multiple times in the day.  I do study this topic quite a bit.  Along with my chemistry degree which helps with the science of metabolism and hormones, I also read a ton and discuss with physical therapists, trainers, friends and my endocrinologist.

One time in particular I was talking to a few ladies, I don't really know, about core work and yoga.  One lady was very thin and an exercise enthusiast (2 hrs/ day).  She mentioned she has lower back pain and feels like she doesn't use her core or her core is out of shape.  I mentioned that she should try Yoga and her response was "oh no I like to sweat and work hard".  Well there is the number one misconception with yoga.  Yes, there is calm restorative classes that are mostly passive stretching but a most Yoga classes are exercise, heart pumping and body strengthening.  I also mentioned she should stretch her hamstrings because most low back pain is from tight hamstrings.  Other topics that came up was that weight loss is 80% nutrition, carbs, etc.

Well the point being is that I felt like some of the women ignored what I was saying and sort of shunned me off because I was fat.  Now this may all be in my head but I can't help how I felt, maybe it was the shy awkward girl in me coming out.  It was the thought of "what does she know, look how fat she is", etc.  I don't expect someone to take me for my word but at least give me the time of day.  I may not look like I know what I am saying but do have some knowledge in my brain about all this stuff. 

There was other moments I had with friends that conversation was great and I felt like I was being heard (LC and CW).

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  1. It's a good reminder about making assumptions. You know... and people who love and care about you know... you know what you are talking about! You are a smart, intelligent, well-informed person. At the same time, I think it's human nature to jump to conclusions without any information, and it's possible that maybe they didn't listen whole-heartedly. That's their problem. They are missing out!