Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May in Review

Start weight (5/4) = 198.4
End weight (6/1) = 199.8
Loss = + 1.4

Considering the amount of Damage (eating, not exercising) I did, the gain isn't too bad.  No more wallowing.  I WILL defeat this and move on.  180 is in my scope.  Watch out here I come

I exercised 11 of 31 days, 35% of the days.  Yuck.  I know my foot was injured but that's not a good excuse.  I am back on track.  Last 4 days I exercised every day.  I did the Wii fit yesterday.  I am begining to enjoy it.  I think you have to give it time.  You have to show you can do an exercise before it really lets you workout.  I am going to explore the user settings to see if I reduce the lag time between exercises.

Doing great.  I love water and tea.  The only thing I have to drop in this dept. is the sugar in my am black tea.  I have a hard time dropping that.  Super long term habit.

I am working on a blog post to describe my plan.  The plan of how I should eat and mostly do.  Now that my hubby's work schedule shifted from working swings (2 pm - 3 am) to days (6a-7p) I will be more motivated to cook everyday.  My passion for cooking went on vacation at some point.  I NEED more veggies and explore more cooking options for them.


  1. It will be very helpful to have hubby there for dinners. I am the same way. I have a hard time making a full dinner when my hubby is travelling - which has been a lot lately. Great job on the water! You're getting back into the swing. Sometimes you have to see yourself backtrack before you are motivated to move forward again and I do believe you are at that point! ONWARD!

  2. Thank you so much. Your comments are awesome.