Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Yoga

On Friday night I tried my first Hot Yoga class.  I went to a place called Core Power  I guess they are a franchise yoga studio. Here is the class description.  Mind you this was in an enclosed room at about 105 degrees with humidity.

HP FUSION/Hot Power Fusion: Blend the best of both types of yoga offered by CorePower. A Vinyasa-style yoga practiced in a heated, climate Controlled, environment that incorporates the poses from the Hot Yoga series systematically working the entire body, concentrating on the essence of every organ, bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, blood vessel, nerve and gland. Inspiring, fun and uplifting music will be the background for this revolutionary class.
I sweated big time.  More then I can remember ever sweating.  The odd thing was that my heart was racing but my breath was totally calm.  I didn't enjoy the class flow.  Way too many balance poses.  I think I may have done only 2 planks and maybe 4 down dogs.  Way too few for a Vinyasa flow class.  They have other classes at 90 degrees I will try with my free week pass (on the website).  One cool trick a friendly person mentioned was to sit near the back door because the instructor opens it on occasion.  Awesome burst of cool air.  I drank about 2 L of water during and just after the class.  I feel like it also gave me a headache.  Overall my opinion is I am not sure Hot Yoga is my thing.

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