Monday, May 17, 2010

What a weekend

I took an unintentional hiatus from blogging.  It has been a crazy few days and I really couldn't find the time to sit and blog.

My foot is finally getting better.  I actually went to the Dr. but that was no help, he said do ankle strengthening exercises for my weak ankles.  My ankles have been weak forever.  Yes it doesn't help I am putting over 200 pounds of pressure on them everyday but that's no the No 1 reason for the weakness.  I played soccer for years and more times then I can count I have twisted my ankles.

My weekend seemed like one long party.  Friday was draining with some emotional testimony at my MOPS group, then an unscheduled playdate, swim lessons (baby) and a neighbor's birthday party.  That night I seriously overate and felt like crapola.  Sat, we had a casino date night after I cleaned house all day for the sitter.  I did very good with the food, I did have a small slice of cheesecake and a pita but otherwise the whole day was great.  Sun was awesome, tired from being up until 2am on sat but had a wonderful time with some gal pals.  We went to Laguna Beach.  Early Mexican dinner (heavy), lots of wine at the rooftop lounge then dancing at a dive bar.  The only bummer was the weather was crappy.  Every night included some wine.  I know its empty cals and probably making me retain some water, we will see.

Related to my journey -  the thing is every night I went out, I dressed up, did my hair (semi rare) and put on makeup (very rare).  I got lots of compliments which was awesome but the odd thing is I feel awkward when the compliments come from men.  I will have to elaborate on this more later it is a very long involved story.

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  1. Wow! What a weekend! Sounds fun, exciting and exhausting! Curious about the last part of your blog... Alesha