Monday, May 24, 2010

Weight Competition Results

Sorry this took so long to post.  It was a busy weekend, being my birthday weekend and all.  I wish I could put a table in the blog.  It makes things nice and neat.  The results are initial weight on 12/19/09 to last weigh on 5/22/10, total loss, total % lost.
Me - 219.4 to 196.6, 22.8 pounds, 10.49%
#2 - 180.4 to 158.8, 21.6 pounds, 11.97%
#3 - 176.6 to 163.8, 12.8 pounds, 7.25%
#4 - 208.8 to 191.8, 17.0 pounds, 8.14%
#5 - 189.2 to 166.8, 22.4 pounds, 11.84%
As you can see I didn't win the $400 but I did drop over 20 pounds.  That equals winner to me.  Honestly I was a bit disappointed because I know I could have done so much more.  The numbers for everyone were amazing.  As of now I am no longer in competition with anyone.  How will that affect me.  We will see, I think it will be better.  Competition is not good for my noggin.

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  1. Way to go, Amy!!!!!!!! You rock! Look at that number of yours... You've proven you can do it and you are well along the way in your journey. Keep it up! Alesha