Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly Weigh in 5/11/10

Weigh = 197.6
Loss = -0.8

I am happy my weight loss is always on the downward slope.  I know the loss could be so much higher but slow and steady wins the race all the same.  I am also fully aware that a slow loss like this will most likely make me lose the $400 on 5/22 for the weigh competetion.  I am not counting myself out yet but I am realistic.

Goal #1 - Exercise 5 days a week
Something is wrong with my foot.  The top of it is super tender to touch and aches.  I rolled it a month ago and I must have aggrivated it somehow recently.  I did 3 days this week but no Yoga (boo hoo).  I am hoping for a class this Sunday or maybe I can get a sitter on Thursday.  I am not stopping on the exercise, just giving my foot a rest.  I might do a bike ride or a swim today.

Goal # 2 - Drink 72 oz water
3 refills per day is really working for me.  I think it is helping keep my weight down and really helps me feel better.  I really don't drink anything else other than tea.

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