Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Tuesday

I had a day yesterday. A day of eating things in too large a quantity. Why, I am not sure. We had a rough night with the 6yo sleeping or maybe because I was finally successful at being below 200 and I wanted to ruin it. I am going to admit to what I ate even though I know I will get a ration of sh*t from my unofficial trainer and hubby if either of them read this.

I ate
  • bagel w/ cream cheese, 2 donuts, Jersey Mikes Club sub with all the fixins, chips, 2 clementines, tortilla chips with beans and cheese, fruit gummies, 6 cookies

I felt like crap, couldn't breathe, 0 energy, no drive, and somewhat in a bad mood. This is huge part of the total package I have to work on.


  1. It happens, Amy. Move on and reclaim your journey. Today is the day. XOXO, Alesha

  2. hang in there hasnt been easy for me either. been a rough past couple of weeks. currently up 4 pounds from my weigh in amount. thanks for your honesty on this blog.