Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2010 Goals

This month I have 4 things in mind for my May goals.

  • One is that the weight competition ends on my 37th birthday (May 22). There is $400 on the line and 4 of the competitors are super close in %. Don't get me wrong, the competition does help with motivation but it's not my sole reason for doing this journey. I am in this for the long haul but winning $400 would be awesome.

  • Two is I want to break the 5 pound centering around 200 cycles and start really dropping into weight I haven't seen in well over 10 years. I think that 200 pound mark is very mental and in some way a physical block for me.

  • Three is the October triathlon I signed up for. I need to start upping the cardio and work on the biking and swimming.

  • Four is a June wedding and bathing suit season. I want to rock my black dress in June and I wouldn't mind looking better in a suit this summer. As an obese person I have never really been worried about wearing a bathing suit and I am really not self conscious about it but it would be nice to feel better this summer. Being a stay at some mom in Southern Cali I spend a lot of my summer in a bathing suit.
Goal #1
Weight at 194
I want it lower but I think this is a realistic number to reach and I really really want to make my weight goal this month. The last 2 months have been sh*ty for reaching my goals. I want to be the person who makes and reaches her goals no matter what gets in the way.

Goal #2
Drink a min of 72 oz of water a day
I bought these really nice BPA free Contigo bottles at Costco. Each family member gets one (minus little squirt). They hold 24 oz, so I figure 3 fills a day min. I will probably drink more but on the days I forget, 72 oz is reachable.

Goal #3
Exercise 5 days a week min.
Somehow I will try to add a swim and a bike ride in here somewhere. With a crazy 14 month old, a 6 year old and a shift working husband it is difficult but I will do it.

I have a few party situations coming up that I will continue to work on the eating compulsion. I need to also work on the food is fuel not my pleasure principle.

My Reward
I am a tea lover. I really want this tea brewer. It is pricey so I really should only get it if I win the competition but I will have to think about it. I have wanted this for well over a year. My heaven is my local Teavana store, www. I would drink even more tea but sometime I boil the water, turn off the stove and forget I wanted to make the tea or just can't even get to making it.

Sorry so long. Please comment, it helps me keep motivated.

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  1. You will break through the plateau, Amy. You've lost a significant amount of weight and your body needs to adjust. You're right, it's time for it to get moving again and you have the right direction to make that happen.