Friday, May 21, 2010


Stupid, stupid Stupid me. Why do I do things like this to myself? I need to find a support group for self sabotagers.

What did I do? Background. Tomorrow 5/22 is the last weigh in for a weight loss competition among friends (dec-may). There is $400 on the line. The top 3 people are so so close in total %. On the April weight in I was at 8.84%, no #2 is at 8.87% and the leader is at 8.99%. The numbers are so close that the final percentages could come down to the hundredths place.

I have been doing really well the last few days. Low carbs, no cheating, etc. I tried to exercise today but the baby woke up. I was going to try after the baby went down but # 1 son is worried about something, so I stayed with him. Up until 7 pm I was golden. Then I decided to have a few small bites of my son’s ice cream. Ok – still good. Then, I get the brilliant idea to eat a huge bowlful of Frosted Flakes. Now I feel bloated and yucky.

Tomorrow is a NEW DAY!

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  1. Water, water, water!!! Flush it out... you will be great!!! Alesha