Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back on the Horse

Yesterday I had an interesting time. I decided I was going to pick up the 6yo and play soccer at the park. I took a few of his Kindergarten buddies with me. I was playing and running right along the crazy kindergarteners. I loved it. Problem was that my shorts kept falling down. It’s the second pair this week that I have to get rid of because they are just too big. They do absolutely nothing for my “new” figure. Even my husband agreed when I asked. That means a lot because he is a really low key no nonsense person who doesn’t get involved much in looks.

The past week my exercise motivation / high has been in the toilet. I skipped Fri and Sat and then had a super crappy yoga class on Sun. I was going on the wrong side, super wobbly, not able to make moves I usually can do much better. I skipped Mon and Tue and Wed doesn’t really count (soccer in park).

Today I did 30 min on the treadmill with a big incline program. I had to make one potty break but otherwise I was sweaty and I feel like my “high” is coming back. I feel good and supper glad I did it.

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