Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 4/27/2010

Weight = 199.4
Loss = -0.2

Goal #1:
Workout 5 Days A Week
I made 4 of 5. I took the entire weekend (fri-sun) off, which is not acceptable. Yes, I was busy but that is not an excuse. I did a Yoga class and 3 treadmill days.

Goal #2:
Drink Water
Next month I will be specific with this one.

Considering today is the 27th and the end of the month is only 3 shorts days away I don't think I will make my April goal of 195. I will check again on the 30th, but really over 4 pounds isn't going to happen. Do I know where I can improve - absolutely. Does this process suck sometimes - you bet. Is that 200 pound mark a scary thing for me - seems like it. Did I see the scale lower this month - yes in the 197 range. How do I feel - pissed at myself but trying hard not to slide into failure (binge) mode. I am heading to the treadmill after this.

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