Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 4/20/2010

Weight = 199.6
Loss = -1.2

Goal #1:Workout 5 Days A Week
I did 3 days this week. I took a 2 day break for some monthly female issues. Yesterday I should have but I was tired.

Goal #2:Water
I think next time I need to be more specific on this one. Yes I drink water but do I drink enough? Some days yes, others no. There is that word again consistency.

I was hoping for a bit more weight loss. I am not sure if I will hit my monthly goal yet. But did I really do the work to have more, not really. Today is the day to refocus and plan out the week.

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  1. Great analysis! That's how you evaluate, make mid-course corrections, and power on! Alesha