Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 4/13/2010

Weight = 200.8
Loss = +1.0

Goal #1:
Workout 5 Days A Week

When I workout today it will be 5 for the week. At my parents house my workouts were not very intense so it was a half assed week, shows in the gain. I did a walk, a circuit, Yoga and 2 treadmill days.

Goal #2:
Drink Water
Not Met

I had soda today to cure a headache. Worked instantly! Some days I am 100% on with the water, others day I barely have any.

Overall Thoughts:
I am not surprised with the gain. My eating habits over the last week were poor. Too many “bad” foods. My exercise in the beginning of the week wasn’t the best. I am a bit tired of the yo-yo from 200’s to 100’s. I want to be solidly in the 100’s FOREVER.

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    Thanks for the sweet comment on my post for today. I totally get what you're talking about when you talk about being "fit fat". That's EXACTLY who I am, too!

    As far as pushing yourself, I'm the same way. That's why I love the c25k program. I tell myself "NO EXCUSES!" and refuse to let myself stray from the program. I find that once I break through that wall (you know, the one where you're like "I can't do this ANOTHER SECOND LONGER!") then you've moved beyond exhausted and find your second wind. Things suddenly become possible that you never dreamed you could do!

    You're totally gonna rock it next week. And as I said on someone else's blog today, I'm more than happy to be your cheerleader! I look GREAT in pigtails and could probably scrounge up a pom pom or two. =P

    Seriously, I'm cheering for you. JUST KEEP MOVING! =)