Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying to Imagine

My unofficial trainer friend (you know who you are) mentioned that the key to permanent weight loss is to imagine yourself at your goal. Many times people reach a goal only to gain again because they still think they are the fat person. Right now I am trying to imagine myself at 190. 190 is lower than any weight I can remember. The lowest I remember was 193 around my 30th birthday 7 years ago. Right now I am I am suffering from a "fat" feeling. I feel like stay puff, puffy Mc stuffy from puffyville. I am still dropping weight, haven't gained anything but I feel fatter. I lost that fitter comfortable, loving the changes feeling. This is so hard to describe. The problem might be my TOM, who knows. Maybe after today's workout, I will regain my "happy fit" feelings.

Imaging my next goal of 190. So I look in the mirror, naked and imagine what 190 will be like. Will those loves handle be smaller? Will my chest shrink more? (not the best outcome with weight loss). Will the man belly go it more? Will my legs get even more toned?

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