Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inspired to Become Inspiring

I'll admit it, I watch Biggest Loser. Last night's show was in Texas where 5 of the 10 fattest cities are. The contestants did a 5K with the locals. There was a women who finished the 5K with great difficulty. Her quote was amazing "I can't walk at Walmart, I use a cart but today I finished a 5K." I was amazed with that. Inspired too. Hell if she can walk a 5K I can damn well run a 5K. I can eat better and work out harder.

How amazing it must feel to be like the BL contestants and be a person who inspires others. I loved watching how inspired each Texan was. I almost came to tears. It would be cool to be a person who inspires others by being a fit person who worked her tushie off to get there.

P.S. Another omission here. I love to hear that people are reading my blog and I love comments. It truly inspires and motivates me.

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  1. I'm reading (catching up from my computer crash)! I totally agree with what you said here. Your head is in this, Amy. You will achieve it. Alesha