Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going in Blind

No I am not playing poker. I decided (and partly forced) to not weigh myself at all until my next weigh in. The forced part is because I am at my parents for most of the week. The other part is I decided not to be so obsessed with the scale. You see, I weigh myself every other day or maybe every day to see my progress or in some cases damages. I don't freak with the numbers, kind of mental check. "things are going well" or "yesterday was a bad idea, won't do that again". We will see what Tuesday hold for me. Could be great or no so great.

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  1. Amy that is one thing I learned at Weight Watchers is not to be obsessed with the scale. It can definately be the cause of giving up. Once a week is adequate for weigh in's. I haven't commented in a while, but congratulations on getting to first goal of below 200 pounds. You are really doing good. I am down to 170. I work at home and was just watching TV at lunch (of course lousy weather prevented me going outside). Now the weather is beautiful, I now put on my iPod and take a half hour lunch walk instead of a half hour of doing nothing. Once again Congrats, I am proud of you. Aunt Nancy