Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Expense of Weight Loss

A blogger friend mentioned the costs of weight loss here I am just getting started but already I have had to put down some $$$. I HAD to buy some clothes. I mentioned before my clothes are mostly for a 230 pound women. So a 200 pound woman is very uncomfortable in the big clothes. I probably spent over $350 over the last few months but on many many clothes. I bought some exercise clothes, casual clothes, comfy anytime tees, tank tops for summer and a dress. The biggest expense was a black dress. I have never had a little black dress. Now I do. I bought it for a June wedding, the shape is great. It fits now but will only fit better latter. Today I plan on buy new running shoes.
The other day I bought an exercise ball and a kettle bell. My “trainer” was to add these to my program. I am excited to add more workouts. I don't pay for a gym but I do pay for my yoga classes (well worth it).

Food costs really haven’t changed. For a few years now we have mostly been eating whole foods. I would like to go more organic but that might not be possible right now. I am a stay at home mom so I really don’t have any extras $$. I am saving because I am not eating out as much. I really need to work on not wasting veggies. I have a habit of buying, leaving in the fridge, rotting, and throwing away. Bad habit! We did plant our garden this week, at bit late, hopefully we will get some produce. I am really hopping the peppers come up, they are expensive but a great super food.

I know the expense of weight loss equals out in the end. Less Dr. visits, longer life, no meds, etc, etc.


  1. Thanks for the link love! It gets so pricey, doesn't it? Every little bit adds up, but it IS worth it!

  2. It is pricey... but a lot cheaper than being on meds and paying for health care when you are older and the body is paying the price, right? :) I so hear you on the veggie thing. I have the best plans when I'm at the store... then it's dinner time and I am sick of hearing the kids complain about the dinner and I'm not motivated to make them!