Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Recap

So how did it go? I feel I did a great job. I could make some small adjustments but overall I accomplished a bit. A great aside is that I couldn't help but love the compliments I received from people I haven't seen since Christmas.

I had 2 appetizer plates. Hubby thinks it was too much and he may be right. I had 2 pastry wrapped dates with goat cheese (yummy), tons of shrimp with cocktail sauce, some chips and guac. Main course was the paella (w/ sausage, shrimp and chicken), a salad and a roll (could have skipped). Desert was one mini brownie and a cupcake. Much, much later on I had 2 Melba toasts with hummus. I had 2 glasses of Sangria and tons of water. I skipped the Mexico Coke in the bottle (love) because I didn't want to "waste" the cals.

My goal wasn't to eat healthy, the goal was to consciously eat. Also to not overeat. To accomplish being a conscious eater I felt the No. 1 key was to not pick from the spread. Be aware of everything that went in my mouth and sit down to eat. The only time I picked from the spread was later in the evening (~4 hours after the meal) and had the hummus on toast. I could have skipped the brownie, cupcake, roll and chips. I never felt that stuffed sick feeling.

Overall it was an awesome time with good people.

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  1. Congratulations! Great job at eating conscientiously. Food is a good thing like a friendship. It is important to develop a positive relationship with it, not abuse it, and treat it with respect. Savor!