Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Game Plan

Our Easter plans are to go to a friend’s family’s house. I consider these people family. They have been part of my life for almost 20 years. Without them we would have no family here. So there is always a wonderful spread of food and this time it includes the Paella man making Paella on the spot. So as I said party food is hard for me so I formulated a game plan. I have asked hubby to help since I want him to watch the kids while I eat and enjoy my food.

  • I will make myself a plate of appetizers, small portions, sit down and eat
  • I will load up on the good for me stuff and smaller sizes of the good stuff
  • I will NOT pick from the buffet table
  • Make small plate for main meal and sit down too
  • I will not go for seconds
  • I will drink lots of water
  • I might have a small amount of desert if it’s worth it
  • I will NOT pick from the buffet table


  1. Hi, Amy! Susan here. I thought you looked slimmer to me today!! Now, I know why. You also looked happier than I've ever seen you, too. (For the benefit of other readers, I haven't known her well, nor for very long, so don't assume anything about her emotional state from what I just wrote.)

    Thank you so much for telling me today about your blog. I have read it in its entirety tonight. The thoughts and feelings you have expressed here echo my own. I really "get" you because I'm a lot like you - same internal voice. I grew up a shy teen with low self-esteem. It took me a lot of years to build my confidence. While in my 40's, a series of depressing events in my life grabbed hold of me. Then, later in my mid-50's, my life crashed in on me completely, and my sense of self took a nose-dive. Over time, food became a refuge, I guess? As you are doing, I'm trying to figure out the psychological stuff. Like you, eating helps me in awkward social situations, and I'm a boredom/stress/depression eater. In addition, I just like the taste of food. I'm not a finicky eater! Sometime during the onset of menopause, the worst thing of all began - I developed a sweet tooth. I never had one before. Hormonal causes? I wish I knew.
    I can do without fat and carbs, but it's sugar that enslaves me. I, too, am trying to shed pounds. I am tired of looking and feeling awful. I have lost 10 lbs., but I need more exercise to continue the journey. I am eager to get my sore foot healed so I can walk, walk, walk. I recently joined the Y so I can use the pool there. I also need to connect with someone who understands my you!!! I would love to stay in touch with you on your blog. I need to be accountable to someone, so maybe we can support each other. What do you think? Keep up the good work!

  2. Susan - Anytime you want to "talk" I will be here for you. I wish you the best, just remember its really all about the food. Start a journal. Sugar is an addition, My Dr. recc South Beach. The first phase is super tough but if you can do it you will kick the sugar addiction.