Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Goals

April is my time to change my perspective. I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I am a bit of a quitter. When I don’t get what I want or reach a goal I quit. This mostly happens only with weight loss. The normal person would try harder. I guess I am not that way. When the going gets tough I run the other way. This is what I struggled with in March among other things.

Mr. and I have been having lots of in depth conversations about my crappy March and why I quit. Today he asked me what is an example of something I never gave up on and didn’t quit. I immediately answered my baby boy. You see it took me 7 years, 2 miscarriages, lots of shots and money to finally have my #2 son. This sparked a conversation about why I didn’t quit on having baby #2 so why do I quit on weight loss. More on this later, here is my goals for March.

Weight Goal
I am shooting for 195. I feel this is realistic and 195 will keep me solidly below 200.

Food, etc
Water, water and more water. Some days I am great and others I barely have any. I am going to reduce the number of times I eat outside of the house. I am not going for strict low carbs because it makes me sick when I am too low. I am shooting for eating more veggies, bread carbs only 1 time per day, only 1 single carb serving per meal. I want to also keep on the whole food track, not that this has really been a problem since I have been mostly eating this way for about 2 years.

5 days a week minimum. I just to get back on my bandwagon of feeling better.

Work on compulsive eating and attitude.

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