Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inspired to Become Inspiring

I'll admit it, I watch Biggest Loser. Last night's show was in Texas where 5 of the 10 fattest cities are. The contestants did a 5K with the locals. There was a women who finished the 5K with great difficulty. Her quote was amazing "I can't walk at Walmart, I use a cart but today I finished a 5K." I was amazed with that. Inspired too. Hell if she can walk a 5K I can damn well run a 5K. I can eat better and work out harder.

How amazing it must feel to be like the BL contestants and be a person who inspires others. I loved watching how inspired each Texan was. I almost came to tears. It would be cool to be a person who inspires others by being a fit person who worked her tushie off to get there.

P.S. Another omission here. I love to hear that people are reading my blog and I love comments. It truly inspires and motivates me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 4/27/2010

Weight = 199.4
Loss = -0.2

Goal #1:
Workout 5 Days A Week
I made 4 of 5. I took the entire weekend (fri-sun) off, which is not acceptable. Yes, I was busy but that is not an excuse. I did a Yoga class and 3 treadmill days.

Goal #2:
Drink Water
Next month I will be specific with this one.

Considering today is the 27th and the end of the month is only 3 shorts days away I don't think I will make my April goal of 195. I will check again on the 30th, but really over 4 pounds isn't going to happen. Do I know where I can improve - absolutely. Does this process suck sometimes - you bet. Is that 200 pound mark a scary thing for me - seems like it. Did I see the scale lower this month - yes in the 197 range. How do I feel - pissed at myself but trying hard not to slide into failure (binge) mode. I am heading to the treadmill after this.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A New Thing to Reach For

My unofficial trainer and I are going to do this race. It is on October 3, 2010. So it is a sprint Tri of 1/2 K swim, 15 K bike and 5 K run. Plenty of time to train for. I love water and was a competitive swimmer back in the day. I think I will rock the swimming and maybe the biking. The running part will be ok. I am excited for this.

I am setting a goal weight for this day also. I want to be 165 at the time of the race. Wow! I said it. I seriously crunched some numbers on Excel to see if its realistic. Its slightly more than losing 1 pound a week between now and the race day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wasn't meant to be

Our group for the Nike Women Marathon was declined. My friend and I are going to look for something else. I was excited to do this. Not only was it a fitness milestone and something to "RUN" towards with my training but it was going to be a fun girls get away. I am a sad today.
I will still be starting the couch to 5K once I figure out what is wrong with my iPOD. It has been freezing on me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 4/20/2010

Weight = 199.6
Loss = -1.2

Goal #1:Workout 5 Days A Week
I did 3 days this week. I took a 2 day break for some monthly female issues. Yesterday I should have but I was tired.

Goal #2:Water
I think next time I need to be more specific on this one. Yes I drink water but do I drink enough? Some days yes, others no. There is that word again consistency.

I was hoping for a bit more weight loss. I am not sure if I will hit my monthly goal yet. But did I really do the work to have more, not really. Today is the day to refocus and plan out the week.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kicking A** in Yoga

I am really enjoying my A** kicking yoga classes. My strength, endurance and ability have all increased. Here is some poses I can do now that I couldn't before. Mind you I am still about 200 pounds and 5'4". I can also do the plank - up dog - down dog asana without knees or my chest touching the floor.

On the back bend I can only get the top of my head on the mat.

The headstand I can get into without using a wall. Ouchy on the core muscles.

The Expense of Weight Loss

A blogger friend mentioned the costs of weight loss here I am just getting started but already I have had to put down some $$$. I HAD to buy some clothes. I mentioned before my clothes are mostly for a 230 pound women. So a 200 pound woman is very uncomfortable in the big clothes. I probably spent over $350 over the last few months but on many many clothes. I bought some exercise clothes, casual clothes, comfy anytime tees, tank tops for summer and a dress. The biggest expense was a black dress. I have never had a little black dress. Now I do. I bought it for a June wedding, the shape is great. It fits now but will only fit better latter. Today I plan on buy new running shoes.
The other day I bought an exercise ball and a kettle bell. My “trainer” was to add these to my program. I am excited to add more workouts. I don't pay for a gym but I do pay for my yoga classes (well worth it).

Food costs really haven’t changed. For a few years now we have mostly been eating whole foods. I would like to go more organic but that might not be possible right now. I am a stay at home mom so I really don’t have any extras $$. I am saving because I am not eating out as much. I really need to work on not wasting veggies. I have a habit of buying, leaving in the fridge, rotting, and throwing away. Bad habit! We did plant our garden this week, at bit late, hopefully we will get some produce. I am really hopping the peppers come up, they are expensive but a great super food.

I know the expense of weight loss equals out in the end. Less Dr. visits, longer life, no meds, etc, etc.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying to Imagine

My unofficial trainer friend (you know who you are) mentioned that the key to permanent weight loss is to imagine yourself at your goal. Many times people reach a goal only to gain again because they still think they are the fat person. Right now I am trying to imagine myself at 190. 190 is lower than any weight I can remember. The lowest I remember was 193 around my 30th birthday 7 years ago. Right now I am I am suffering from a "fat" feeling. I feel like stay puff, puffy Mc stuffy from puffyville. I am still dropping weight, haven't gained anything but I feel fatter. I lost that fitter comfortable, loving the changes feeling. This is so hard to describe. The problem might be my TOM, who knows. Maybe after today's workout, I will regain my "happy fit" feelings.

Imaging my next goal of 190. So I look in the mirror, naked and imagine what 190 will be like. Will those loves handle be smaller? Will my chest shrink more? (not the best outcome with weight loss). Will the man belly go it more? Will my legs get even more toned?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Monthly Reprieve ????

This is a bit TMI but here it goes. When my Aunt F comes calling I have absolutely no desire or energy to exercise for at least the first 1-3 days. I get exhausted. Mind numbing exhaustion. Like first trimester pregnancy exhausted. Like pass out on the couch while older kid is playing Wii exhausted. The last thing I want to do is exercise. I also have another problem. I can only use one type of protection and it doesn't go well with exercise. Plus I have a super heavy time with it. Its part of the PCOS thing.

Is it ok to take a break for 1-3 days and not exercise, every month? Or is this something I have to work on and power through?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Am I Crazy?

So yesterday I signed up on my friends team to be picked for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco on Oct 17, 2010. It is a lotto pick so wish us luck. You can choose 1/2 or full marathon. I choose the 1/2. Regardless of my weight I have 0% desire to run a full marathon ever. Apparently firemen in tuxes hand out Tiffany necklaces when you finish the race.

Right now I plan to start the Couch to 5k program next week. After a few weeks I will access if I plan to run the full distance or walk part. As of today I am thinking I will walk part but who knows I may really be able to surprise myself. I have 7 months to train.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 4/13/2010

Weight = 200.8
Loss = +1.0

Goal #1:
Workout 5 Days A Week

When I workout today it will be 5 for the week. At my parents house my workouts were not very intense so it was a half assed week, shows in the gain. I did a walk, a circuit, Yoga and 2 treadmill days.

Goal #2:
Drink Water
Not Met

I had soda today to cure a headache. Worked instantly! Some days I am 100% on with the water, others day I barely have any.

Overall Thoughts:
I am not surprised with the gain. My eating habits over the last week were poor. Too many “bad” foods. My exercise in the beginning of the week wasn’t the best. I am a bit tired of the yo-yo from 200’s to 100’s. I want to be solidly in the 100’s FOREVER.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going in Blind

No I am not playing poker. I decided (and partly forced) to not weigh myself at all until my next weigh in. The forced part is because I am at my parents for most of the week. The other part is I decided not to be so obsessed with the scale. You see, I weigh myself every other day or maybe every day to see my progress or in some cases damages. I don't freak with the numbers, kind of mental check. "things are going well" or "yesterday was a bad idea, won't do that again". We will see what Tuesday hold for me. Could be great or no so great.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Temptation Island

Do you remember the reality show Temptation Island? No, I am not on an island and NO I am not surrounded by semi naked, gorgeous men. Not that I would mind. I am at my parents house. Why temptation. Well my mom has a sweet tooth. A really big sweet tooth and a tendency to buy in bulk. Unfortunately it's many of the same things I would love to eat. Figures since they raised me. So the house is full of all the things I DON’T have in my house for a reason. Actually it not just sweet either. Even things like Frosted Mini Wheats or hot dogs.

(Mom if you are reading this, I love you and have no problem with the food in the house, its just part of the journey of things I have to deal with.)

The house is in the woods are is very relaxing for me. I don’t have to worry about all the crap (cleaning, organizing, schedules, etc) back home. Sometimes this can be a bad thing.

Relaxing = boredom = eat food I shouldn't

Yesterday I did have some ice cream. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t overdo it. Last night was super bad with the baby. I honestly can’t remember if he slept at all. Somewhere deep down I have to find the energy to workout. Workout without my trusty treadmill. The plan is to go on a long walk with hills the do a series of repeating squats, push ups, then sit ups. I will also add some sun salutations before and after.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 4/6/2010

Weight = 199.8
Loss = -2.8

Exercise - Feeling great and back on track. Good workouts 5 days in the past 7. My last Yoga class was awesome. GOAL MET

Water – Getting better. Exercising helps me stay on track with the water.

Food – keeping it light, not going off track, planning it out. I am not going too crazy with the low carb. I know it will make me lose fast but it makes me crazy.

Mental – Easter was huge for me. I am content. Feeling mentally back on track.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Recap

So how did it go? I feel I did a great job. I could make some small adjustments but overall I accomplished a bit. A great aside is that I couldn't help but love the compliments I received from people I haven't seen since Christmas.

I had 2 appetizer plates. Hubby thinks it was too much and he may be right. I had 2 pastry wrapped dates with goat cheese (yummy), tons of shrimp with cocktail sauce, some chips and guac. Main course was the paella (w/ sausage, shrimp and chicken), a salad and a roll (could have skipped). Desert was one mini brownie and a cupcake. Much, much later on I had 2 Melba toasts with hummus. I had 2 glasses of Sangria and tons of water. I skipped the Mexico Coke in the bottle (love) because I didn't want to "waste" the cals.

My goal wasn't to eat healthy, the goal was to consciously eat. Also to not overeat. To accomplish being a conscious eater I felt the No. 1 key was to not pick from the spread. Be aware of everything that went in my mouth and sit down to eat. The only time I picked from the spread was later in the evening (~4 hours after the meal) and had the hummus on toast. I could have skipped the brownie, cupcake, roll and chips. I never felt that stuffed sick feeling.

Overall it was an awesome time with good people.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Game Plan

Our Easter plans are to go to a friend’s family’s house. I consider these people family. They have been part of my life for almost 20 years. Without them we would have no family here. So there is always a wonderful spread of food and this time it includes the Paella man making Paella on the spot. So as I said party food is hard for me so I formulated a game plan. I have asked hubby to help since I want him to watch the kids while I eat and enjoy my food.

  • I will make myself a plate of appetizers, small portions, sit down and eat
  • I will load up on the good for me stuff and smaller sizes of the good stuff
  • I will NOT pick from the buffet table
  • Make small plate for main meal and sit down too
  • I will not go for seconds
  • I will drink lots of water
  • I might have a small amount of desert if it’s worth it
  • I will NOT pick from the buffet table

Friday, April 2, 2010

Awesome day in the fiting room

Today I went to Walmart to buy some cheap shorts. All my shorts are fit for a 230 pound person with a big man belly. Right now they are uncomfortably too big. A belt doesn't even help. I need shorts. Over the years I have found some nice shorts and tops at Walmart that are sturdy and last. I fit into size 14 shorts shorts today. Button up no problem. I used to be a 20 / 22 in some cases. Things are working in the right direction. I bought some carpis, shirts and shorts. Not too many since things are going to change even more.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Goals

April is my time to change my perspective. I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I am a bit of a quitter. When I don’t get what I want or reach a goal I quit. This mostly happens only with weight loss. The normal person would try harder. I guess I am not that way. When the going gets tough I run the other way. This is what I struggled with in March among other things.

Mr. and I have been having lots of in depth conversations about my crappy March and why I quit. Today he asked me what is an example of something I never gave up on and didn’t quit. I immediately answered my baby boy. You see it took me 7 years, 2 miscarriages, lots of shots and money to finally have my #2 son. This sparked a conversation about why I didn’t quit on having baby #2 so why do I quit on weight loss. More on this later, here is my goals for March.

Weight Goal
I am shooting for 195. I feel this is realistic and 195 will keep me solidly below 200.

Food, etc
Water, water and more water. Some days I am great and others I barely have any. I am going to reduce the number of times I eat outside of the house. I am not going for strict low carbs because it makes me sick when I am too low. I am shooting for eating more veggies, bread carbs only 1 time per day, only 1 single carb serving per meal. I want to also keep on the whole food track, not that this has really been a problem since I have been mostly eating this way for about 2 years.

5 days a week minimum. I just to get back on my bandwagon of feeling better.

Work on compulsive eating and attitude.