Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekly weigh in 3/9 and March Goal

Weight = 203.8
Loss = -2.2

GOAL for March (3/30) = 199

The loss is from my last recorded weight on 2/23. I know I listed a smaller weight on my February goal posting. I have been very OFF for the last week. My motivation, my eating, my everything is all out of whack. I am getting back on the horse. Luckily I didn’t too much damage to my weight, just my tummy and good feelings.

My goal for March on 3/30 is 199. That is 3 weeks exactly and roughly 5 pounds. I think it’s totally possible. I want to be in ONEderland and stay there forever.

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  1. you are getting there, keep up the good work. I know your mom is proud of you