Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 3/30

Weight = 202.6
Loss = 0.0

So 3 days ago I posted that I was 199.6. Since that day I have had many indulgences and I am sad but not surprised to see I am back in the 200's. Amazing what our bodies can do. I know the weight will go away quick and technically I missed my goal. It's like I made it then promptly blew it. This is the third weigh in day with 202.6. 3 weeks of the same weight. Tells you how March has been for me. In between the 3 weeks my weight was up and down between 202 but some reason my Tuesdays want to be 202.6. I am going to ponder my April goals and will post them on the first. Seriously this thing is 90% mental.


  1. more like alcohol and too many calories. Oh an Bread stuff.