Friday, March 19, 2010

To plan or not to plan ... that is the ?

Planning and preparing is a fine balance for me. On one hand I need to plan out how my week is and how I am going to eat. But on the other if I over plan, and go off plan I feel failure which is not good. Let me explain.

Looking over the past 3 months. I found I was most successful during the times I actually scheduled my workouts for the whole week and thought about my eating plan. I not saying I had every meal for every day planned out. Just a bit more forethought than going by the seat of my pants. For example no milk or bread for the week.

On the other hand I know I can be a bit obsessive. If I calorie count every bite using a great website like I start getting a bit nutty about it. If I indulge or go over I feel like I failed and get a bit upset. When plans are too specific, like Cooler #1 from Eat Clean, I feel confined, restricted and I REBEL. Yes I said it, I REBEL. I am a 36 year old rebellious kid. If you know my husband and I you won’t believe the next sentence. I am super stubborn, more stubborn than my husband. It’s true people. I am just better at hiding it. If I miss a planned exercise then not so nutty. Food is where I need to stay focused. Exercise is icing on my healthy cake.

So it’s all about balance. Seems to be a running theme in my life.

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