Monday, March 1, 2010

Red Light incident

We all have red light foods. The foods you have a hard time avoiding. The foods that once you start you don’t realize how much you eat. I have a few red light foods in my life. A small list of those is cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, Girl Scout peanut butter sandwiches, warm buttery bread, garlic bread, and on and on

Last night hubby came home with 2 boxes of mini ice cream sandwiches becasue he had a craving and the kid loves them too. I tried to explain to my husband that those are red-light food for me. I also tired to explain what a red-light food is.

All day Sunday I was what I like to call “off program”, otherwise know as indulging or cheating. I think cheating is too strong and induces too many guilt feelings. Life is to be lived and sometime I choose to live by indulging in food, it is a choice I make fully knowing the consequences of that choice. I had one of the mini sandwiches that hubby gave me while we were watching TV and I wanted another. I sort of snuck another back in the room and he got super super pissed because I just got done explaining it was my red light food. He was upset that I ate another.

So today he told me that he threw away both boxes. He said he didn’t want to tempt me. I thought it was sweet but also upset me a bit. I feel like I could control myself so I was a bit bummed that in some ways he thinks I can’t either. He has been so proud of me and he really wants to see me succeed so I see where he is coming from. He thinks I am making him sound like an ass with the post, but that was not my intention. I don't think he is being one I think he is really helping me out.

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  1. I think being in his position, he did the loving supportive thing! You specifically explained about the red-light foods and then you pretty much proved it by "sneaking" (your word) another one. He loves you too much to be the cause of your demise.... that said... YES!!!! You CAN and WILL do this even with red-light foods in this world! Alesha