Sunday, March 7, 2010


So it finally happened. I am sick, sound like a frog and have chest congestion. I am sitting here wondering what "with it" people do when they are sick. "with it" people are those in the process of losing weight and they really know how to do this, how to stay mostly on track, really have their S**t together. I am not a "with it" person yet. Do you stop exercising? I am thinking yes, at least for a day or two. Do you seek comfort foods? My mind says no but my body says yes. My sick meal is noodle soup, saltines, and grilled cheese. Not sure who I plan on listening to. I would love to talk to someone who knows more than I. This whole week I have really been OFF and I need to find the path again, being sick doesn't help.

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  1. Poor thing! I've read that if you have a cold, you can easily (ha... "easily") still exercise, but if you have the flu then you should take a break. I'm not sure what I think about that b/c I've had some knarly colds where even in my best shape I couldn't exercise. If you feel well enough, maybe a good walk? As for comfort foods, it is really easy to go overboard if you still have an appetite. Soup sounds wonderful and there are some really good options for that out there where you wouldn't throw all your efforts off kilter. If you are looking for an excuse to splurge, then this is it... but remember... it could be (and I'm not saying it is) just that... an excuse. I say that not because I think that's waht you are doing... I only say it because I have done that myself. But in light of your Channeling George post, I thought I'd mention it. :) MOST OF ALL.... FEEL BETTER so you can get yourself back in the game and feeling better!!!!!!!!! Alesha