Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feburary in Review

Overall I started the month super motivated and I really planed out my meals and kept on track. I even planned my deviations from the food plan. At some point in the month it all switched.

I indulged over the last few days and I feel crappy. For the month I counted about 22 "indulgences". Like Cold Stone or a cheeseburger. Bit too many for someone who is serious about their health. My issues with eating the good stuff are improving but still there.

18 of 28 days (64%), down from Jan of 70% but intensity and time increased. I really enjoy my exercise except the last few days. I reached the point that I have achieved and higher level of fitness and its time to increase the intensity. I need to push myself more. With the treadmill I either have to make the hills are higher or start jogging. I am looking into C25K program, Couch to 5K. My Yoga practice has improved. My core strength is getting better.

One way to sum it up I need to work on why consistency feels like a 4 letter word.

For March I will work on the food issues. I plan to not be so strict on the carbs. Sensible eating. Reduce the number of indulgences and really isolate the feeling I have about food. Intensity will increase on the exercise. I have a goal weight in mind for the end of March but I want to wait until my weigh in on 3/9.

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  1. This is why you will be successful, Amy. The fact that you are doing this review an being so forthcoming says so much about what you are willing to deal with... ALL of it! I loved this post. Alesha