Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All about numbers

It’s all about the numbers. Here are some blood work results. The first number is from 9/09 and the second is 2/10. I love the changes and so does the Dr. I also showed a weight loss (about 9 pounds) but you all know how the Dr. scales are.

A1c – 5.8 to 5.3, indicator of diabetes risk, less than 6.0 is good
Cholesterol – 242 to 201, see note, less than 200 good
HDL (good one), 65 to 57, excellent, greater than 46 acceptable
LDL (bad), 156 to 123, great decrease, less than 130 acceptable
Triglycerides – 103 to 105, less than 150 acceptable, not much change

Note - In 9/09 I was 6 months post baby and still breastfeeding, which could be why the number was so high. I am a numbers girl. I like seeing tangible results. Weights being the number one tangible but these are great to see too.

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