Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weight Competition Month 2

So 28 pounds total lost between 5 ladies. Our first month was 21.6 so that means in 2 months we lost 49.6 pounds. That’s 8 pounds more then my 6 year old. Go Girls! Keep up the awesome work everyone. Our last time is in May. I hope 2 things; we all work hard to get the weight off and we all continue on our journey after May.

I wasn't the Biggest Loser for Feb, I came in second with an 8.6 pound loss at 4%. Since we weigh on a different scale, with clothes and different times of day there is a difference between my blog numbers and the competition numbers. The winner lost 8.4 at 4.5%, she is lighter than me. I wasn’t surprised at all. I paid my $20 for the month.

I have motivation coming out my ears, my blog, the competition and my "Whys". Hubby is also getting on the bandwagon and starting to work out. He wants to help me get out of my "comfort zone" and be my trainer. Honestly he is right; I tend to stick in my comfort zone with exercise. I don't push myself.

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