Monday, February 22, 2010

Preparing myself

It's sad to say but I am preparing myself for what most likely will not happen this week. My goal was to be 200 on Feb 28, next Sunday. I have gained 2 pounds over the last few days and my eating has been off. I am teetering on 207. I am pretty sure I won't hit 200. It will be close and maybe the week after I will hit it. No surprise here. I know where the issues are. This is a process and I am learning every day.

I have been feeling a bit run down. I am trying to get more sleep but it never seems to happen. I am also a bit beat up from working out.

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  1. Listen, it would be really NICE to get to your goal by the date you chose, but as long as you are headed in that direction, another week or two is OKAY!!!!! Don't beat yourself up over it. Congratulate yourself!!!!! You haven't been this low in a lot of years and you are DOING IT!!!!!! Glad you are recognizing the need for a bit of rest. Your body is telling you something... LISTEN. Otherwise no rest = injury and binging. If you need some time off... or don't want to take exercise days off then turn down the level of exertion for a day or two. Then hopefully you'll feel rejuvenated and READY to go 100% again!!!!! Don't throw in the towel for not meeting a goal. I'm not sure if you are black/white or "all in" or "all out" like I am... don't fall into the trap of sabotaging b/c of it. YOU ARE ON AN AWESOME JOURNEY and you DESERVE to keep at it! :) Alesha