Friday, February 19, 2010

An Issue with food !!!!!

I have been struggling for about the last week. I am sitting here trying to figure out why. The last few days, none of the good food appeals to me and I have to choke it down. I take a few bites and I want to spit it out. Kind of like when you are pregnant (Not me). Even simple stuff like chicken and veggies! But it’s not just the healthy stuff, today at potluck breakfast, even the yummy casseroles were bleck. In the last 10 days, I only had 2 “perfect” days. I am not beating myself up here or feeling guilty, I am just trying to find the “why”. Yes, Mother Nature came for a whopping visit on Monday and is still hanging out, but that is not a good reason.

I am just thinking out loud. Am I struggling with success? I am 5 pounds away from reaching my first big goal of 200. Does this scare me to actually be successful at weight loss for the first time in a long long time? Is my self sabotaging ways coming out to play? I have texture issues with food. It is hard to explain. Maybe it is a contributing factor. Stress – No things are slowly improving. A cold of some sort – maybe, the kids were sick and my ears have been acting up.


  1. Ha! My first thought was "maybe she's pregnant"... but then you answered that one. Between the cold and the self-sabotage, you may be onto something. Those are both triggers for me (thus my recent success was cut short and I've yet to regain my ground). I like that you are looking for the answers so that you can address and move on. You deserve to achieve your goals! Alesha

  2. Thanks Aleasha - it helps to know I am not crazy. Self Sabotage is a biggie for me. Today is a new day and I am driving in the right direction today.