Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feburary Goal

Goal for 2/28 = 200
Weight on 2/1 = 212.2
Weight 2/28 = 202.6 **
Loss = 9.6

I think I did a really good job and I got super close. Much closer that I ever though I could make it. In evaluation, I know where I could have made a better effort. Its all about food for me. I cheated a lot more then I should have.

I know by next week I will be there. Without a doubt on March 9th, I will be below 200. Now is the time to think about a new goal.

** Weight was on sat, today it was higher due to some poor food choices on sat

1 comment:

  1. Nearly 10 pounds in February is heavy lifting if you ask me, Amy. You're just one good push away from Onederland.

    As for the cheating, it's important to realize that you're just cheating yourself. Nobody else really cares. I used to have a big cheat right after a weigh-in... how stupid is that?

    Anyway, great job in February, and things really ought to shift into high gear as springtime weather rolls in.

    Good luck on your continued success!