Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weight Competition Month 2

So 28 pounds total lost between 5 ladies. Our first month was 21.6 so that means in 2 months we lost 49.6 pounds. That’s 8 pounds more then my 6 year old. Go Girls! Keep up the awesome work everyone. Our last time is in May. I hope 2 things; we all work hard to get the weight off and we all continue on our journey after May.

I wasn't the Biggest Loser for Feb, I came in second with an 8.6 pound loss at 4%. Since we weigh on a different scale, with clothes and different times of day there is a difference between my blog numbers and the competition numbers. The winner lost 8.4 at 4.5%, she is lighter than me. I wasn’t surprised at all. I paid my $20 for the month.

I have motivation coming out my ears, my blog, the competition and my "Whys". Hubby is also getting on the bandwagon and starting to work out. He wants to help me get out of my "comfort zone" and be my trainer. Honestly he is right; I tend to stick in my comfort zone with exercise. I don't push myself.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feburary Goal

Goal for 2/28 = 200
Weight on 2/1 = 212.2
Weight 2/28 = 202.6 **
Loss = 9.6

I think I did a really good job and I got super close. Much closer that I ever though I could make it. In evaluation, I know where I could have made a better effort. Its all about food for me. I cheated a lot more then I should have.

I know by next week I will be there. Without a doubt on March 9th, I will be below 200. Now is the time to think about a new goal.

** Weight was on sat, today it was higher due to some poor food choices on sat

Friday, February 26, 2010

Food - My relationship with it

Veggies - I have to say this. I hate vegetables. I will eat them as part of my food but I need more variety to get them down. Meaning I really have a hard time eating plain veggies alone. I have to cover my salads with lots of other stuff to enjoy them. This Cooler #1 has lots of plain veggies and its killing me. I have missed 2 or more servings every day.

Carbs - They make me happy, literally. I also feel satisfied when I eat even a small amount, like ½ and apple and 1 slice of 45 calorie bread. I have been doing the low carb thing for a few days and I am CRANKY and feel like crap. I not talking 5 slices of pizza carb load, just an apple or a slice of bread. It completely changes how I feel. The low carb thing is not my deal. I am going to stick to conservative carbs. Using whole grains and keeping the carb amount to less than 30g for a meal and 15g for a snack. I can skip the carbs at dinner without much fuss but lunch is super super hard.

Protein - We have a love hate relationship here. I am good with protein if I have it combined with veggies and some carbs, maybe some fat too. I have a hard time just eating a chuck of chicken without anything.

Fats РI love my peanut butter. I was raised on the natural type, skippy is gross. Trader Joes has a new PB with flax seeds, yummy. I love to add avocados to sammies or eggs. I saut̩ with olive oil but eggs I use butter. An apple with natural peanut butter is heaven.

I just needed to rant a bit about food. The way carbs make me feel is amazing. Maybe 6 months down the road I will have a different feeling about foods. There is a box of Girl Scout Peanut Butter Sandwitches calling me but I have resisted for 2 days and I will wait for 2 more (Goal weigh in day).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 2/23

Weight = 206.0
Loss = -1.0

1 pound is great and I am happy about it. Yesterday I received some great comments (on FB) about what to do if you don't reach a goal you set. I asked because I don't want to slide into defeat mode like I have done in the past. I have accomplished a lot in the the past month. I lost about 7 pounds, upped my workout intensity and my fitness level has greatly increased.

The month is not over yet, so I may surprise everyone, we will see. I will reveal my secret. I am doing Cooler #1 menu from Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Diet., the cooler menu is from the book, not on the site. Basically lean proteins, veggies, 1 apple, 1 sweet potato, 1 grain, water for 5 days. It's just a bit stricter than what I have already been doing, I just won't CHEAT.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Preparing myself

It's sad to say but I am preparing myself for what most likely will not happen this week. My goal was to be 200 on Feb 28, next Sunday. I have gained 2 pounds over the last few days and my eating has been off. I am teetering on 207. I am pretty sure I won't hit 200. It will be close and maybe the week after I will hit it. No surprise here. I know where the issues are. This is a process and I am learning every day.

I have been feeling a bit run down. I am trying to get more sleep but it never seems to happen. I am also a bit beat up from working out.

Friday, February 19, 2010

An Issue with food !!!!!

I have been struggling for about the last week. I am sitting here trying to figure out why. The last few days, none of the good food appeals to me and I have to choke it down. I take a few bites and I want to spit it out. Kind of like when you are pregnant (Not me). Even simple stuff like chicken and veggies! But it’s not just the healthy stuff, today at potluck breakfast, even the yummy casseroles were bleck. In the last 10 days, I only had 2 “perfect” days. I am not beating myself up here or feeling guilty, I am just trying to find the “why”. Yes, Mother Nature came for a whopping visit on Monday and is still hanging out, but that is not a good reason.

I am just thinking out loud. Am I struggling with success? I am 5 pounds away from reaching my first big goal of 200. Does this scare me to actually be successful at weight loss for the first time in a long long time? Is my self sabotaging ways coming out to play? I have texture issues with food. It is hard to explain. Maybe it is a contributing factor. Stress – No things are slowly improving. A cold of some sort – maybe, the kids were sick and my ears have been acting up.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things are a Changing

I am beginning to notice changes in my shape and I love it. I am not ready to take any measurements but I am proud of what I see. I am seeing areas getting toned and shapely. Especially in my legs. This is why I work out. Its not to drop the weight, nutrition does that, its to change and tone up my body.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Weight = 207.0
Loss = -0.8

Totally to be expected. Mother Nature came in for a visit yesterday and always packs a puffy punch. By next week I expect everything will be back on track with a big loss.

Separate note, I have a new goal. I will be able to do a sit up. I can't do a full sit up even with someone holding my feet. I really can't remember the last time I could. Yesterday a good friend was showing me more home exercises and she thought I could do a sit up. We tried several ways to no avail. It was a bit embarrassing.

I really have been enjoying this journey into changing my life.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Need to change direction

For the past few days I have been off and on driving in the wrong direction. It started on Wednesday when I ate straight bread for lunch and then 3 slices of pizza for dinner with Honey Nut Cheerios for desert. Thursday wasn't as bad but I did stop by every Costco food demo. Today I had a heavy lunch, a cupcake and some candies.

I am trying to change direction but I have an overtired screaming baby who refuses to nap, tons of stress that I can’t mention and very very little sleep. All of this is a lethal combination for a food addict that seeks comfort in food.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It works

So I lost 4 pounds this past week. My Friend (thank you) has really helped me out. Now I see that my goal of 200 or 199 by Feb 28 is possible. To be honest I wasn't a 100% on track with the food all week. Six times I ate way off plan, even a hot fudge banana sundae.

I do have a house full of sickos right now. I am crossing my fingers that I don't get sick because I usually seek comfort food, get off track and stop exercising. I hope it doesn't happen. Plus my house is suffering because I am focused on exercising so the mess is getting a bit more messy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Can I test drive first?

Since I have made my weight loss journey very public, I get asked pretty often what my goal is. Asking me my goal is like asking me to buy a car without test driving it. I have been 190 + for over ten years now. I have absolutely no clue what 160, 150, 140 will feel (look) like. I set my goal for 150 but really it could be too low or too high, I really don’t know. I will see when I get much closer. I am getting close to my first goal of being under 200. Can’t wait for that.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

learning something new

This week I am learning to have patience and faith. A Friend has been helping me with a strict diet and a workout program at home. I have decided to go strict with the diet to really make sure I reach my goal. It won't always be this strict. For the first couple of days I was really doubting the process and if I will really make my goal. My weight loss was low and the scale was sticking around 211. So a few days later I started seeing a significant dip in the scale. This week is really going be going a good week. The process works if you stick to it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bread / Carb addict faces the reality of insulin resistance Part 1

I have insulin resistance. There is no denying it. When I did the 3 hour glucose tolerance test (not pregnant) in June 2008 my 3 hour number was one point below diabetes. My last A1c was 5.8%, diabetes starts at 6.0%.

I have been working on menu items to tack on my fridge as a quick reference. So every meal I think of has a starchy carb in it. More specifically, BREAD. I am addicted to bread. Eggs with toast, Cottage cheese with English muffin, turkey sandwich, etc. A warm sourdough roll loaded with butter is a thing of beauty. Surprisingly I am not much of a pasta fan, bring on the garlic bread I say.

For a long time my house has only had whole wheat, high fiber bread in it. Like Milton’s, etc. I have also been trying to keep the carbs to 30g per meal. But right now I am trying to really kick start the weight loss and hit my goal of 200. In order to do that I am going to eliminate the bread for a few weeks. Lunch is the hardest to eliminate because I really do not like salads. I feel like I eat forever and never feel even slightly satisfied. I also like warm food. So far I have not had a 100% on track day, very close. With many aspects in my life, consitency is the issue.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Ta Ba What ?????

I just got my ass kicked by me. My workout today consisted of 15 min on the treadmill @ 3.0 incline and 3.2 speed then a Tabata designed by my friend. A Tab ba what? Go here if you want more 411 Well, what I did is the following exercises for 1 minute with 1 minute rest repeating 3 times then on to the next exercise.

  • Push Ups (on knees)
  • Squats
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Rocket Jumps

So my arms wanted to leave my body and be buried. The squats were fine. I HATE jumping jacks. Parts of my body move in unnatural directions when I do them. I am not sure if I did the Rocket Jumps correctly. Need a refresher.