Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A YUCK tale

I thought maybe I shouldn’t blog about this but then I figured this is sort of a journal to me so here it is. I love to bake but I rarely do it because I don’t need the goodies in my house, red light food items. I could eat 4 cupcakes without blinking and they are like 500 cals each. Today boy #1 had a play date so I figured this would be a chance to make some cookies, get rid of the M&M’s in the cabinet and send the cookies off with the play mate.

Another reason I like to bake is I love to munch on cookie dough and batter. I actually like it more then the actual cookies. So I munched on the cookie dough and 2 ½ hot cookies. I say ½ because I spit out the last bite I had and almost threw up. A bit later I really felt like I wanted to throw up again. Have I really cleaned my system out that much? I was surprised.

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  1. YUCK is part of the journey! It's how we un-yuck that counts! :) Good job acknowleging the wins and identifying that life happens and you have to allow for the treats, set limits, and have a contingency plan to get back on track. Alesha