Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weight competition month 1

All 5 girls in the competition did awesome. Over 21 pounds between us. So proud of everyone, congrats ladies. I didn't win for this month but I lost 4.2 pounds at 1.9% since 12/19.

I really need to get more serious about the food. I am always on the fringe and inconsistent. In general if you look at my diet it’s not bad but has moments of trouble. For some reason I equate consistently with boredom, being tied down. I love food, love variety, love changing things up. Wow! Gotta fix that one for sure.

I want to hike today but don’t think it’s a good idea to go by myself. I loved doing the Dove Canyon hike (Bell View Trail).


  1. You are doing good Amy, keep up the good work, every ounce lost is a victory. I am proud of you, Aunt Nancy

  2. Amy another note, I was with Weight Watchers and you will have times where your weight may be on the plus side, but don't give up. It is just a little set back. You seem to be on track

  3. Great job! I love Dove Canyon trail, but I'd agree with you on not doing it alone. Keep it up!! Alesha