Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the ugly truth

So here it is. I am putting it all out there. A bit scary but accountability is good! I am not sucking in or pushing out my tummy, just a neutral position. The water bottle is for perspective. I HATE the side view but it is my reality. I am like humpty dumpty, big egg on top of bird legs.

Today is good. I was hungry in the middle of the night with the 4 am baby wake up. I went for an hour hike with a neighbor. Huffed and puffed up a few hills but kept a good pace. Food is under control. No Yoga, hubby was sick and slept in.

P.S. Pictures were taken 1/12/10 at 214 pounds on my 5'4" frame. Can you imagine an extra 18 on there, that was around May of 2008.

1 comment:

  1. Food is about 80% of your success... combined with activity... and you are doing all the right things!!!!! You'll be glad to have these pics when you are at your goal looking back at what you were able to achieve. I'm really proud of you. Alesha