Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shhhh ...... I have a secret

I enjoy exercising. For 2010 so far I have exercised 14 of 21 days. I am becoming addicted. I love the increase in energy, the lighter feeling inside and out, love the sense of accomplishment. There has been some days were I actually want to exercise again. I have also been frisker.

I still struggle with getting it started and pushing myself. When hubby works it’s really hard getting it in. I am basically alone with 2 kids for 72 hours or more. We don’t have a gym membership. I do have a treadmill and a DVD player. But if baby doesn’t nap or we have a horrible night I really can’t do either. I do love walking with the kids, no deal with this weather.

I can go thru the motion with exercise but I struggle to really push it. I heard Julian Michaels (Biggest Looser) say that the middle road exercising is a thing of the past. You really have to push your heart rate up and burn. Definitely hard for me!


  1. Hi Amy, the treadmill will give you an aerobic exercise which is one of the most important. Maybe if you have some light weights you can do some weight exercises also. You are doing good, I know your weather is preventing you from outside activity at this time, but that will pass. Keep up the good work
    Love Aunt Nancy

  2. You rock! gOSH, i LOVE TO EXERCISE... WHEN i'M IN SHAPE! iT IS SO PAINFUL TO GET THERE... sorry, didn't see my caps lock was on... child in one arm so I'm chicken pecking with the other... Anyway, congrats on getting to that point where you are experiencing the benefits!! I completely get how hard it is to find the time... I'm in the same boat. Alesha