Sunday, January 31, 2010

Committing it to the world

So 4 weeks from today is my next weigh in for the competition. I have been thinking about my goal for the past few days. It’s actually scary for me. My weight is at the point where I will be going into unknown territory, a weight I can’t remember being for a long time. What is a realistic goal versus what I really want? Today I am 212.2.

I have decided to make a strong goal. I want to be at 200 at the next weigh in. I am committing it to “paper”. That’s 3 pounds per week. That’s big for me; I am a slow and steady with my weight loss. Can I actually make it? Part of me wants to say yes but the other part is a scared to make the commitment. I am afraid of failure. Today I am meeting with a friend that will help me with a workout plan at home and some food ideas.

1 comment:

  1. You have set reachable goal Amy. 3 pounds a week should be the most you lose and you can reach your first goal of 200 lbs in a month. The key thing is you are losing weight and you have the drive to continue. Keep going even if you don't quite reach that goal in a month. I have been dieting since November and I fit into clothes I had put away in storager. I even joined an aerobic exercise class and you were my inspiration for joining.
    Aunt Nancy