Sunday, December 1, 2013

I've Moved

My new blog is up.  Still a work in progress but it is going now.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

A New Direction

I've decided to move to a new blog.  

Why?  I believe in the power of blogging to assit with accountability and a method of release.  I value what Finding Fit Me has done for me in the past but I feel its time to move on.   I will taking a new, big step in he journey of my life.  I also feel I needed a place for my WHOLE life not just one piece of it.  

Another reason for a switch is BALANCE.  Over the years the concept of balance seems to be a reoccurring theme in not only my life but in other blogs, friends etc.  My concept is to see how I will FIT it all in and maintain the long sought after balance.  

I also feel with this new transition I need new.  This blog is stale to me, probably why I haven't written in some time.  I'm the type of person who gets a kick out of new stuff.  I love opening a new package of anything.  

The plan is to launch on 12/1.  I am moving to word press so I'm in the process of figuring it out, help!!!!  I also bought my own domain which is also tricky to figure out.  

I know I don't have many readers but if you are still out there please join me.  I will post on 12/1 with the info.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Adjustments, schedules, on my

Left is full of alterations, changes, movement, adjustments.

See I had this pan to wake up at 6 am daily.  But life gets in the way.  It's not an excuse, it's an adjustment.  

The other night was a perfect example of this. Both kids spent night in a fort downstairs.  They finally settled at 10:30. Really late for them.  Well low and behold when hubby was getting ready for work at 3:30 am the boys were up and talking.  Um no way in hell. No way am I going to deal with 2 grumpy boys all day. So I had the little one come in bed with me.  He does this often.   No way am I going to wake up at 6am and disturb him where he will get up.  I adjusted and continued to sleep with him.  It was a weekend so no immediate plans. 

I am having a hard time adjusted to school schedule.  It's only been a week for us here.  We start really really late.  My idea was get up at 6am, do my workout for 30 min, shower and then do the kids stuff.  It's not enought time.  School Starts at 8am so we have to leave by 745am at the latest to drive, park, walk, etc.  Between 6am and 7:40 I have to also get breakfast for kids and myself, pack lunches, be the cruise directior "you brush you teeth, eat now...etc", pack backpacks.  I just can't seem to get the shower and workout in among all that.  Typically after drop off I am either heading to an appointment or working on PTA stuff at school so a shower before is necessary.  I really don't want to wake earlier.  I detest 6am as it is. 

I thrive on doing things for others and often let's MY stuff fall by the wayside.  For example I had no problem spending 3 hours at the school going thru membership forms but then I get home and I'm too pooped to do MY stuff.  I managed to rally after zoning out watching a show.  I managed to get my workout in, finish my laundry, clean kitchen, install home organizer, school pick up, soccer practice, deal with both kids attitudes (draining), homework, dinner, and on.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Trips done, I'm ready to move forward

It's 9pm here and I'm sitting on the remaining parts of my couch re watching last weeks Breaking Bad. I say the remaining parts of the couch because most of it is in my other room being used as a fort.  School starts Tuesday so I figured I would let's the boys have a last summer romp.  The boys are still up watching a movie.  My hubby is upstairs asleep.  He leaves for work at 4 am in the morning.  sexy night huh!  We finished out last trip of the summer on Thursday evening.   Friday I spent time picking up pieces and then a glorious afternoon at the beach.   Today was my first time as a mom with 2 kids in sports.  You see hubby works weekend, all weekend long so I'm basically a single parent carting around to sports all weekend.  He has been working weekends for almost 9 yeas..

Now that the summer trips are done I am more than ready to get some things done around here.   Its not just about my body it about all aspects of my life.   I will go into more detail later. 

Considering I really only competed 2 full weeks of the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution I decided to start over with day 1 on Monday.  I have basically maintained my initial loss plus or Minus bloating here and there. I want to also do my measurements is time.  

I had a rough time visiting my dad this week.  His grief over the loss of mom is very heavy right now.  On our visit we spread moms ashes.  It is an overwhelming feeling of knowing I am all he has, only child here.  I am not used to my parents being a strong part of my life.  They were always on the outer rim based on proximity and preference, theirs and mine.  Well,  now with mom gone we have entered a whole new ball game.   

Monday, August 26, 2013

Trip review, need sleep

I am wiped, it's Sunday as I am writing this post.  2 weeks of multiple trips, done.   I left for my first trip on August 12 after many many errands. The boys and I met up with a group of friends in palm desert area at a timeshare resort.  I mentioned this trip in a previous post.  I returned on that Thursday. During that trip we went to a waterside park.  It was fun.  My neck hurt from keeping it up on the rafts.  I thought about how I had absolutely no problem walking around in my bathing suit all day long and joining my kids on the slides.

That Friday I had errands in the morning and a birthday party about 45 min from my house.  Saturday was trip 2 prep.  Sunday the whole family left for our big camping trip. We were heading to Big Sur on the California coast.  Absolutely gorgeous area.  The first leg we drove a large portion of the way and stayed the night in a hotel in Pismo Beach.  I wanted to visit a college roommates new deli that specializes in gourmet potato chips.  Monday morning we drive up the crazy curvy highway one.   We hit our campsite in the afternoon.  Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is amazing.  We stayed 4 nights and left Friday for 8 hour drive home.  Saturday night I went to a local campsite with my boys and camped the night with our Boy Scout troop.  I slept like crap but the boys had a blast.

our site
me and little one

hubby and big boy exploring way up top

What does this have to do with my Jillian Michaels program.  I decided to take a break because I could see a feasible way to get the 6 weekly DVD workouts in while on these trips.  On both trips I was very active.  Especially on the camping trip.  We hiked, biked, and boulder climbed.  

Monday am I am going to redo the week 2 workouts to get back into the swing.  I know that week 3 workouts are a bit more progressive.  I will clean up the eating to be lighter and on program.  I went off a bit on the trips.  School starts Sep 10 around here so I am in prep mode after camping clean up mode.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

WLS and how it's affects me

I will say this now and get it over with.  I will never get weight loss surgery (WLS) unless something absolutely crazy happens in my life.

That being said I am surrounded by WLS people.  There is the cute, fit blonde on the PTA who had had a gastric bypass.  My cousin over a year ago had a gastic sleeve and she is tiny.  Lately it's two of my really close friends.  One got the gastric sleeve in early June and the other in early July. 

As a friend it has been a strange transition.  These are two people where our normal outings were typically were surround by food.  Both friends were far bigger then me by at least 40 pounds.  Well friend 1 lost 50 pounds within 2 months.  The other friend is close to the same.  I would love to magically drop 50 pounds off my body in a blink of an eye.  

Truly it is frustrating to me.  I am struggling with being happy for their success. As I've said I would never ever do it.  I don't like the concept.   Logically I know a large large portion of their weight loss can make eating liquids only for weeks and then soft proteins.  Long term we will see how it goes for them.   

It is also amazing how differently each friend is approaching how they eat and how they "follow" the rules.  Let's just say PBnJ and potato chips don't seem like the best choice.  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

JMBR days 9-14

Weight day 8 = 218.8
Weight day 15 =  218.8  In am on aug12
Loss = -0

I am good with the weight and no loss for a few reasons.  The day before I ate too heavy.  The morning of the weigh in I had major stomach and bloating issues.  All this combined tells me it wasn't a true weight.

This week was a bit rougher.  I was hungry often and suffered a ton of cravings.  I think it is because my dinners haven't been as clean as they should be.  Plus not eating after dinner has been an adjustment.  The plan calls for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.   The snack to dinner and dinner to bed times are harder for me.  Especially on days when I am up and moving early.  

The exercises are great but I did skip 2 cardio sessions.  For one I mopped the whole house, the other I took a true break. The outside of my right leg is hurting a lot.  It's a tendon hurt not a muscle building hurt.  I've been using Bio Freeze, ice and massage on it.  Today it is much better.  Regardless of skipping the cardio I still got in 4 workouts this week.  4 is far better the none 

I need to improve on the waking up front. I let it all go and stayed up late for multiple reasons, stress, Breaking Bad season 5 review, orange is the new black, etc.  plus on Monday might I am leaving for a trip and returning Thursday then leaving on another trip Sunday.  I kind of figured why bother sticking to a sleeping schedule if I'm on vacation.  

Trip 1 is with a bunch of my girlfriends and their kids.  We have been doing this trip since my 9 year old was a toddler.  We go out to the dessert and stay at a timeshare with cool pools, lazy river, etc.  There is 5 moms and 11 kids between us.  I am bringing my own breakfast and lunches, dinner will be shared but my girlfriend and I shared our request to the others to keep the food of the lighter side.  This trip will be a challenge for me in 2 ways.  One is making sure I get the workout in.  Two will be food, it always about the food.  I don't want to over eat.  I don't want to eat crap.

I am a bit bit late on getting this out.  I am out of town with spotty Internet connection.  Yesterday we all spent the day at a watermark.  It was fun and I had no problems walking around all day in my bathing suit.  My neck hurts from keeping it up in the rafts on the rides.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

JMBR Day 1-8

JMBR = Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.  If you want more details you can go here.

I started the program on July 29, Monday. 

Before I even started I had decided I needed to be more consistent with my sleep / wake patterns.  With that I decided I need to get up the same time every day.  So I choose 6:30 am and then switch to 6am when school starts.  Before that I was overdoing it on sleeping in.  I think part of this had to do with my depression over all that has been happening this year.  As my husband said its time for me to pull up my bootstraps and get going.  With this change I decided I wanted to workout first thing in the am.  Get it done, shower then start my day.  See part of the problem in my house and life is that consistency is a 4 letter word.  But to be successful in fitness and weight loss you need to be consistent.

The food program is great.  It had a 7 day kickstart if you choose.  I choose to skip it because I didn't want to go to extremes.  Food is my issue.  I knew that easing into it would be best for me.  The regular program is very clean but still has some bread carbs in it - love love.  I have been going to bed hungry but that's normal, that's how I should feel.  My dinners in week 1 need some improvement for sure.  I also need to work on the veggies.  I have a hard time getting them in.

The exercise is 3 phases with multiple workouts and cardio sets.  Week 1 was workout 1, workout 2, cardio1, workout 1, workout 2, cardio 1.   Yes if you are keeping count that is 6 workouts in a week.  Luckily they are only 30 min, which is perfect but sweat inducing.  Despite my weight I actually have a decent level of core fitness.  I also know how to position and move my body properly most of the time while working out.  With that in mind the workouts were not insanely hard.  For a real beginner I'd suggest paying careful attention to her corrections. 

I am over the moon thrilled with a 4 pound loss.  Funny thing is all week even up to Sunday I was toying with a 2 pound loss but the Monday am weigh in was a great shocker.  So shocked I had to adjust my goal for week 2.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rock bottom

So the last time I posted was June 10.

I've hit bottom, rock bottom.  

This has been a craptastic year.  I will not go into details right now, I will over time.  The rock bottom moment was being put on blood pressure medicine a week or so ago.

Even before my Dr. visits I was already formulating a plan to get my butt in gear and back in shape.   I decided I needed a guide, a program, a method in which to get me going.  I've always respected Jillian Michaels.  I feel she really knows her stuff and is extremely well informed and educated on all things fitness and weight loss.  

I recently made a little slush money on eBay with some of my moms stuff.  So I decided to invest in JM's Body Revolution program.  It's a comprehensive 90 day program of fitness and nutrition.  

I wanted to write this post before I started but that didn't happen.  I am now on day 9.  Here is some stats I will write more later.

Start weight = 222.8 on July 29
Day 8 weight = 218.8 on Aug 6
Loss week 1 = 4.0 pounds

Monday, June 10, 2013

Day in The life-crazy??

I felt today was a normal on the busier side kind of day for me.

Alarm at 6:30, couldn't for life of me get up, neighbor texts at 7 that she we take, phew, a bit of a break.  Kids up, breakfast, shower, etc.  4 year old and I out the door at 8, someone already texted to see where I was.  At school writing checks for PTA expenses and helping clean PTA room.  Dropped of glasses at eye dr.   Back home and some computer work.  Called a friend and found out about a park play date.  Went to park play date. Did craft, socialized, left.   Bought lunch and picked up glasses.

Took 4 year old to open gym time and local kids gym.  He played, I watched and read a Sesame street booklet on when families grieve.  Back to school to write more checks and help friend deliver popcorn to classes.

Home again, a bit of much needed cleaning, some tv watching. Some more stuff.  Argue with 9 year old about his money earned and class he doesn't want to go to.  Take him to his class at 3:30. Home again, made some needed calls and appointments, pick up kid at 4:30.  unintentionally crash in my bed until 5:30, Make dinner, do dishes and leave house again.

Arrive at boy scout graduation at 6:30 come back home about 8pm.  Pick up more, a bit of tv, more dishes.  Get kids in bed and done by about 9:15, it's a process.  More dishes, there was a lot from weekend baking for a baseball party.  A few other things, reading, bath, and blog writing.  

Does that seem like a lot.

I've been having major sleep issues and feeling crap tastic during the day

It's 11:10 pm

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spring cleaning

Not sure where my bug is coming from.  I don't know if its from the proverbial spring cleaning. Maybe it's turning 40 and I want to make some effective changes in my life.  Maybe I want to grow up, finally.

One project of the many I've been working on is redoing my closet.   It's a major low budget redo.  The only purchase I made was hangers.  Eventually we may get the closet completely re done especially its since its about to fall down.  We are re doing the bathroom where the closet is since that too is about to fall down.  I'm waiting for me tub to fall into my kitchen.

Before pics

I purged about 2 bags of clothes.  It was a combo of stuff I took from moms closet that eventually I decided not to keep and the other was stuff I don't wear or was stained.   I moved out all my thinner clothes (195 to 185).  I put then on the top of the closet and in a space bag.   

Not a dramatic change but still It's crazy I love the new look.  I love the organization.  I love the clean look.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Not so bad June 3 - proverbial day 1

Today was a great day all around.  Granted its 4:15 so it's still not over.  I went to bed way too late last night is I had a rough start, luckily my neighbor decided to take the carpool so I got a chance to snooze a bit more with the tornado 4 year old.  He decided to sleep in today.

Finally got moving and went to a pre arranged play date at the park.   Major multi tasking there.  Kid played with friends, I chatted with friends while also making my to do list, writing checks for the PTA and texted others about various questions.  Before we headed out I grabbed my tea with stevia and whey protein mixed with water.

Home for yet another estimate on my master bathroom (details later) and more PTA treasurer duties.  Back to school pick up but before I had 4 slices of turkey on wheat with sweet pickles, I waited a bit too long to eat.

Back home ago where I finished my closet project, see post coming up.  Was it on my written to do list, no but regardless it felt great to purge and finish something that has been process for a few weeks.

Now we are off again to a bank, eye dr and scout meeting at an indoor trampoline park.  Need to make sure I eat before.  

Update - 9:30 pm
Meeting was fun and productive. Kids played while parents planed next 6 months for scouts.  My little ones started feeling sick, peed his pants and pooped, got home and he had tummy issues (d-train).  Picked up house, snuggled with sicko, argued with hubby, logged food.  I ate 1342 calories, no exercise today.  Need more water before I retire and make up with cranky.